I'm not as surprised as disappointed by the number

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I'm not as surprised as disappointed by the number

Post  nahim on Sat Jan 29, 2011 7:11 am

In response to the distress of citizens over the lack of a visible police presence: uniformed officers on patrol may slow everyday urban crime, but if a decent portion of 55,000 new police were plainclothes, that would be an advantage over terrorism in that a terrorist might be less careful if a uniformed officer is not visible in the moments leading up to an attack. This hypothetical "cloaked" force would do little to ease citizens' minds but might be the smart move in the long run. However, in a nation where corruption is common, plainclothes officers could more easily follow that path thus worsening the situation.

Secondly, I'm not as surprised as disappointed by the number of comments i read using human social and political history to place blame, deepen divisions, and draw new dividing lines between the minds of people. When can we all decide to put the past as a tool for harboring grudges in the past and learn to use it as the most important tool of insight anyone can have for the future? politicians are schemers, we all know that. They have lots of money, we all know that. They play the power game well, we all know that. No matter how much they care about the common man, the rules of their game require them to put their personal interests above all else. we all know that. But the common man has his feet planted on the ground and a mere human on a throne stands on nothing but a fantasy entertained by the well aware masses, supported by our able shoulders.


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